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Medicine Lodge and the UW Anthropology Professor

We spent an evening discussing Little People with Shirley Smith, the owner of the Little Cowboy Bar and Museum, and extreme supporter of their reality. She showed a video recording of the TV show Unexplained Mysteries which tells the story of the Pedro Mountain Mummy. Smibig alth has talked to others as well who have run into the Little People in the Pryor Mountains and the Big Horns. Particularly, around the caves of the Big Horn Medicine Wheel where they are reported to have lived in the past and Native Americans have had repeated contact. We went on an unofficial tour of the University of Wyoming this summer and visited the UW Anthropology Museum. It is marvelous, huge dinosaurs meticulously reconstructed. The Museum houses Big Al, the largest intact allosaurus ever found. The displays windweathermon throughout the Anthropology building, and we searched them all for any mummies of any kind and came up short. However, even though the building was empty for the summer, we found Prof. Rick Weathermon, Senior Archaeology Research Scientist , working quietly in his office with the door open. We stopped and asked him about the Little People mummy from years ago and he turned around from his desk and graciously discussed it for awhile. Dr. George Gill was the professor that reviewed the x-rays of the Pedro Mountain Mummy after receiving them from the American Museum of Natural History with Harvard’s authentication. Dr. Gill is still at UW, in fact he is Professor Emeritus of the Anthropology Department and a colleague of our Professor Weathermon. When he got to the part about the mummy disappearing he looked up and said; “… yes, it is very strange, its disappearance.”


We camped at the Medicine Lodge State Archeological Site on the way home for about four days, another site where the Little People have been encountered. The petroglyphs are amazing. DrFrison. George Frison headed a state archeological team that dug through 26 feet of deposits and found evidence of more than 60 cultural levels covering over 10,000 years! And we are still going there today. We constructed an alter of reverence for the land and thanked the seasons for their bounty. In general, we spent four days absorbing nature and the primal aura of the rock paintings.