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Summer of Unexplained Mysteriesdrop cap

There has been, of course, many Wyoming summers. Some even as mild as this past one, and they are all beautiful. Blue skies accented with cotton-candy clouds drifting knowingly into a blazing finale. Only to greet the dawn again with a staggering brilliance that portends another day in God’s paradise. This past summer took an additional twist however. I would love to take credit for its design, but it was more exciting than I could have imagined, which means it’s good I’m not in charge. Searching out all the haunted places in Yellowstone Park and combing the Big Horns for any sign of the Little People isn’t such a bad waye to spend a summer vacation. Educational even.

We followed a trail through Yellowstone guided by the book Yellowstone Ghost Stories by Shellie Larios, which is an anthology of all the Park’s ghost stories and unexplained mysteries. It took two days from sunup to sundown to visit all the locations in the book, andwe witnessed a host of the other wonders in one of the world's most exquskyisite ecosystems. Some places mentioned in the text are no longer there, and a couple of spots were inaccessible because of closed roads, but we took in most of the haunted sites outlined in the book. It would make a better story if I could say wesaw a ghost, but I guess it wasn’t to be this trip. In fact, it was many months before we accidently discovered something unusual. It remains unexplained, and I’ve contacted one expert at least. Without so much as a whisper of a ghost, we had chalked it up to a fabulous road trip and called it good. Months later, when we finally got around to developing the film from a disposable camera, we discovered that of the 24 exposures, 23 came out good with nothing unusual. But, there was one of Yellowstone Lake that even my photography professor couldn’t satisfactorily explain after trying many Photoshop adjustments. He’s a professional expert and has developed more film than anyone, and has seen every kind of processing flaw which he suggests is a strong possibility, but he toldme to “hold on to that picture.”mountains

And, then there is the Little People, or more specifically the Little People mummy that was discovered in the Shirley Basin of the Pedro Mountains 60 miles southwest of Casper. This was in 1935 and the mummy has changed hands a few times since the miners found it, but it was stolen sometime in the late 1950’s never to have been seen again, except there are photographs. Again, we didn’t actually find any Little People, or mummies either for that matter, but we did interview someone who has seen a Little People, twice, and the UW Anthropology professor who was one of the last to see the Pedro Mountain mummy. Wyoming is not short on mysteries. But first, let’s visit Yellowstone Park; is it really haunted? Just because everyone doesn’t see them, doesn’t mean that some haven’t!

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